4 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers in 2018

Do you get you suspicious when you receive something for free? Or maybe you get a warm feeling, which makes using the tool even sweeter? Free is not always great. This is true for cloud storage as well. Simple free trial services, which allow you to validate an address or phone numbers, such as phone-validator.net may work perfectly. However, each free cloud storage has its pros and cons. That’s why it’s vital to choose the right provider.

What To Look For In The Best Cloud Storage Provider

Free storage plans vary. Some may be so complicated that you won’t get what you came for without a hassle. The main thing to focus on when looking for such a provider is the actual space you’ll be getting. Some providers offer a variety of paid plans. The free ones are designed to attract paying clients. So the actual storage you may get with a free plan may turn out to be tiny. Another thing to consider is the features. Providers usually limit the number of features for their “free” users. This may make the cloud storage useless for your needs. One more thing to look for is user experience and interface. The storage may be free but the time you’ll waste trying to learn how to take advantage of it may not be worth it. We came up with four top free cloud storage providers in 2018. All of them offer great terms for using their free space.

1. Google Drive

Google provides one of the most useful free cloud storage options on the market. With Google Drive, you get 15GB of free space. You can easily edit, store, and share your files with other users for free.

Google also offers a variety of options to get more free space in the cloud (such as Chromebook). However, such options are usually available for the first 2 years of use. Afterward, you have to start paying.

2. pCloud

pCloud allows you to start with 10GB of free cloud storage. However, you get a chance to increase it to 20GB by referring friends to the service. For every friend you get to sign up for pCloud, you get 1GB of extra space. It’s a good service to take advantage of while it’s still in an active customer-attraction stage.

You can also earn money instead of the extra GB. If you feel you don’t need the extra storage option, you can get $5 for each referral after the person spends a month on the cloud. The user experience on pCloud is satisfactory. The number of features is somewhat limited but you can edit your files and even play music. What you can’t do is encrypt your files and set expiration dates on shared links.

3. Mega

Upon signing up, Mega offers all its clients 50 GB of free cloud storage space. This is a formidable figure. However, if you need more space, the only way to acquire it is to get a pro version. The service supports multiple file downloads as zip files and allows uploading from a mobile app.

The downside of using the service is the bandwidth limit of 10 GB and no password protection. Meanwhile, it offers end-to-end data encryption.

4.    Sync

Sync is a high-quality cloud storage provider, which offers many interesting features. Even though it provides only 5 GB for free when you sign up, you have a chance to increase the space by using the referral program. The best part about the program is that it has no limits. You can get 1 GB for each referred user without a cap.

As a free client you get almost all the same features as those, who pay for the service. You also get zero-knowledge encryption without any extra payments and can protect the file shares with a password. What you won’t get is expiry dates or download limits on shared links.

Overall, all the above free cloud storage providers can be suitable for your needs. If you need plenty of space with limited options, you can choose Mega. If you need great user interface with sufficient space, go for Google. Sync offers the best variety of features while pCloud provides a great user experience.  


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