Best Free Remote Access Software

A remote access software helps you to connect to another computer remotely and take over as if you were there. You will be able to control the screen, keyboard, and mouse and access the files or complete tasks without the need to be there. Suppose you are part of an IT department, you will need the application to remotely access computers in other departments and solve issues. You have to install the software on a computer you want to control and also in your computer in order to connect. There are many remote access software applications to choose from. According to IT experts at, some of the best free remote access software include:


It lets you take full control of another computer remotely. It comes with voice, text, and video calls support. You will be able to quickly transfer files whenever you want to. It is easy to install and use, as you do not have to configure your firewall or network in order to access the other computer remotely. It is also compatible with a wide range of operating systems which makes it more reliable.

Remote Desktop Connection

It comes with the Windows OS. In this case, you do not have to download or install it. All you need to do is to go through the setup and connect with the computer you want to control remotely. However, you have to configure the settings for PCs which are not on the same network in order to connect.


It offers many reliable features to help with the remote acess. Apart from being compatible with all desktops, it has a simple user interface. This will make it easy for staff in the IT department to manage the network and control remotely other PCs. It is also light in weight and automatically terminates sessions which are not active for some time.

Remote Utilities

It is specially designed for a few PCs. You can only remotely control up to 10 PCs, which is a major limitation of this free remote desktop software. When it comes to configuration, you do not want to do it on the PC you need to control, as this can be challenging. It is, however, one of the best, especially for home users, since it has some powerful features.


It is a completely free tool as it does not have a paid version. Whether you are using it for private or commercial purposes, you do not have to pay anything. It is a light software, which means that it will not weigh in much on your OS or PC. It is also easy to install and almost no settings are required to set it up which makes it one of the best.


Choosing the right remote access software for remote network and PCs management is vital. You should first define your enterprise network requirements and then select the right software. This will help you to manage your desktop and networks effectively.


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