Cloud-based Video Editing Solutions

Cloud computing is changing the way that companies and individuals accomplish tasks on a daily basis. The volume of information in video surpasses that of a stable wireless connection technology. It may be your own records or your customer’s information you are exposing to a third party application and anticipating they ensure that it stays away from parties that aren’t authorized, yet readily available to the users. In such a case security is another factor to think about.

Here are some of the best cloud-based video editing solutions shared by experts from a well known video production company from Dubai.

YouTube Video Editor

The availability of solutions means that you will no longer need to install applications that use a lot of resources such as Premiere Pro. It will allow you to use only video rendering or basic screencast tools and perform the rest online.

For instance, you can make a video presentation using Ezvid, Camtasia Studio Add-in or Best Free Screen Capturer to capture content of your PowerPoint slides and perform the editing on the internet after uploading the video to YouTube. As soon as you have uploaded the video you can annotate frames with the YouTube Video Editor, insert transitions, remove frames, rotate, trim, and stabilize clips, join videos, as well as add music.


If you are searching for a convenient online video editor which can help you work together with other users for your editing project, then WeVideo is the best option. WeVideo features a number of packages for business, educational and personal use. It also comes with a (free) Lite package that provides an online storage space of 5 GB.

The editing options are mobile device support, support for all media files types, Google Drive integration, Facebook and YouTube sharing options, full-feature video editing, and online collaboration.


You can also use another great web application for editing your videos online called Pixorial. It lets users edit videos to provide them with a professional look using music, transitions, titles and overlay text, along with Google Drive integration, online storage and sharing options and more.

Pixorial also features an application for iOS gadgets you can refer friends and get 50 GB storage for free. To start, you log in with your Google or Facebook account or sign up for a free account.

ClickBerry Interactivity Creator

This software isn’t exactly a cloud-based video editor but rather a desktop application, but it’s a good application to those searching for simplicity and cloud integration. The great thing about ClickBerry Interactivity Creator is that it’s not very resource intensive (contrary to popular video editors) and also permits some very good uploading and sharing features.

The application can allow you to use your desktop operating system to edit your videos and also save them online. You get 1 GB cloud storage when you sign up, meaning it does provide you with cloud-based functionality support. You can also upload the edited videos directly to Facebook. It comes with applications for iOS, Mac, Windows and OS X.


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