CRM Solutions Provided by NetSuite

In a setting where many businesses offer similar products and services to the same number of customers, competition is high. For any business to thrive in such a market, a good relationship with existing and potential customers has to exist. Customer relationship management (CRM) involves using the latest best practices, technologies and strategies to make it easy for customers to shop at your store. NetSuite CRM, a cloud-based CRM software, provides a wide range of solutions to help businesses manage operations involving sales, marketing, and customer support, seamlessly. Shared by NetSuite consultants from Tricension, below are the top CRM solutions to look out for:

Customer service management

NetSuite CRM offers reliable customer service management solutions. You are able to view all the details of customers including their activities on your platform. You will have customer contacts, their purchasing history, tickets, and feedbacks, among others. The information will help you to build a unique profile for every customer and thus provide personalized customer service in real time.

Sales automation

It automates every activity and information that relates to sales. From the minute a customer places an order to the time when he or she makes a purchase. Your sales team will be able to access real sales data to help with forecasting the same. You will, therefore, be able to take advantage of the customer expectations and demand to minimize lost revenue. It allows you to maintain proper inventory management practices based on the daily demand, which improves customer satisfaction.

Lead management

NetSuite CRM allows you to draw a clear path from identifying a lead to when they become customers. It gives you the ability to manage the journey of a lead from the time they click on a specific product to when they purchase. As such, you will be able to personalize your campaigns based on the preferences of the lead.

Marketing automation

Traditionally, it was all about trial and error when it came to predicting what existing or potential customers need. Luckily, with NetSuite CRM, automating your marketing campaigns is real. You will be able to track the preferences of your customers and execute personalized marketing campaigns for targeted results. When you automate your campaigns, you will be able to generate more leads and increase conversion. You can also test different marketing campaigns before executing them, to evaluate their level of engagement with your target market.

Reporting and analytics

You can analyze data based on sales and marketing to generate reports from NetSuite CRM software. For example, tracking the time your staff spends on a lead or client. Depending on the value of the lead or customer, you will be able to know where to concentrate your marketing campaign resources for maximum output or revenue.

Mobile solutions

NetSuite CRM software takes into account the impact of mobile technology in the modern world of business. As such, it provides mobile CRM tools that help your sales team capture sales information on the move, outside the workplace. This allows them to be flexible and offer mobile customer support when need the arises.


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