Key Features that Makes a Cloud Popular Choice

In the article I’m going to tell you about Key Features that Makes a Cloud Popular Choice. If you are wondering what is the best cloud networking then there are some features that you need to look for. There are quite a lot of cloud computing providers these days. It is always necessary for you to ensure that you get the best kind of the cloud networking so that you enjoy all the advantages of using a cloud network. If you are someone new to know more about cloud then look for these features so that you get the best kind of the cloud network. These features do form the skeleton of the cloud network.

Key Features that Makes a Cloud Popular Choice

Resource Pooling & Elasticity

In the case of cloud computing the resources are usually pooled so that it can serve a huge number of the customers. This is the methodology that makes use of the multi tenancy so that various resources can be allocated or de-allocated dynamically as per the demands. It is not possible for user to know where the resource actually is located. The allocation of resources is done elastically so that it is possible for making changes as per the demand. It should be able to meet with a peak demand on one day and should go to normal the other day.

Self Service & On Demand Service

Cloud computing is something that depends completely on the s on demand as well as self service models. It is something that should actually allow cloud for performing various tasks like scheduling, managing, deploying and building. It should be possible for the users to access the capability of computing when they are in need of it without actually asking for those from the provider of cloud service. This can help users to really have control over the work and also to take good decisions on the future and current needs.


Cloud computing does not need to you to really invest anything on it. The cost that is incurred is all based on the usage that you have. The user is usually billed as per the resources and amount of which they have used. This is something that can help users for tracking the usage and also help in reducing the cost. The cloud computing can provide various ways for controlling the usage information so that billing is done in accurate manner. The information that is gathered should be really transparent. This is a good way through which you can find what’s the best cloud networking.

Service Quality

If you really wonder what’s the best cloud networking then the quality of the service that you get from it is a best answer. It is necessary for the users to receive all the services that it provide in better quality. This also should include the availability of the cloud and the resources throughout the day and night. Bandwidth, performance etc are other dimensions through which you can measure the quality in which you get the services from the cloud. It is necessary to know about any cloud computing provider before you choose them.

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