Kotlin vs Java

Java is the original programming language for Android developers. It is a popular language among Android developers since it was also used to write Android. In 2011, Kotlin came into the Android app development space and in early 2016, it threatened to overshadow Java as the best programming language. This is due to its superior features and functionalities that make coding safer and easier. According to IT experts at http://ottawa-it-services.ca, the new language adds efficiency and increases productivity among Android app developers. Due to this, it has caused a lot of confusion on which language is better to learn and use.

The similarities in Kotlin and Java

Kotlin is simply an upgrade of Java. In short, there are some added features in Kotlin that are not in Java. Kotlin aims to address the limitations in Java and make the life of an Android app developer easier and more efficient. Even with all that, the two programming languages share a lot of functionalities. You can use Java libraries on a Kotlin project and vice versa. The two programming languages work seamlessly with each other to help you complete a project. Since Kotlin is an upgrade of Java, in terms of the added features, you can work with the two languages to make your project superior instead of using Java alone.

How the two differ in features and performance

Kotlin is simple and easy to learn as compared to Java. It offers simple features and coding capabilities which even a beginner can learn with ease. Any Java developer with some experience in Java programming can learn how to code using Kotlin within a few hours. This is not the case for Java, which is a more complex programming language. Due to its simplicity, a Kotlin developer will have more time to write a safe code which will have fewer bugs and thus better user experience.

The feature set between the two languages is another major difference worth noting. Kotlin has some interesting features that make it more reliable and user-friendly as compared to Java. These features are not in Java, which makes the new Android app development language a better option of the two when it comes to functionality. Some of the added features include:

  • Data classes
  • Extension functions
  • Singletons
  • Smart casts
  • Null safety

Which one is the best to learn and use

Both Kotlin and Java are Android app development languages. This means that you may need to learn both if you want to become an elite Android app developer. If you are a beginner, then it is better to start with Java. This is because Kotlin is new on the market and thus it does not yet have such a rich community as Java does. It means that you will not have many resources and experts to help you once you come across a problem. Also, most companies will rarely hire you if you do not have some background knowledge and expertise in Java.

A Java developer can learn Kotlin to help streamline his or her projects and maybe work with the two languages. Even though Kotlin has been named the official Android app development language, you cannot wish away Java.


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