The Different Kinds Of Indoor Grow Tents

Experts and novices alike can benefit from using complete grow tent kits for their indoor growing needs. Their low cost, intelligent design, transportability, and simplicity make them an attractive option for any indoor hydroponic gardener. This is because the alternative is home renovation, which can be tedious, ineffective if done incorrectly, and costly.

Choosing to use a hydroponic grow tent seems like a no-brainer, but what is the right type to get? There are so many options now on the market it can be confusing to those who don’t know what they are looking for. This article will help you out.

Propagation Grow tent

Propagation grow tents are designed to accommodate exactly what you might think, propagation. This means that they are much smaller than the other grow tents included on this list. With smaller plants, a smaller grow tent is needed. The dimensions of a propagation grow tent is usually somewhere around

The Indoor Closet grow Tent

Indoor closet grow tents are designed to fit inside a closet for optimal discreteness with your grow. They are generally much higher than they are long, and many feature an expandable roof to ensure its fit to any closet height.

These are perfect options for beginners looking to have only 1 or 2 plants, or for those who want to install their grow secretly behind a closet or cabinet door. They also make great light insulated rooms for mother plants within your grow room.

Room Grow Tents

These are the behemoths of the grow tent industry. Anything larger than 2m in length and width is considered a “room”. They can be much larger however, and come with a variety of different features depending on the brand. Roof Qube, a brand mentioned below for one of their unique features earning them their own classification, could also be considered a Room Grow Tent.

These grow tents are designed to be a full system for growing your plants and come with a tine of benefits compared to the traditional room renovation types of grow rooms. The main benefit is that they are incredibly easy to setup and takedown. Other benefits includes moisture sealing materials, tub-style floors to contain spills, and the ability to expand the grow room by connecting other tents. Not all grow tents can do this, but many of the can, allowing you to grow the size of your indoor operation at your own pace.

Roof Qube Grow Tents

Roof Qube Grow Tents are actually a brand of grow tents, but are a new innovation to grow tent design that has created a new classification of grow tents. They are designed for an attic, which generally has an angled roof. Most grow tents are rectangular in shape, which causes a lot of wasted space when placed in an attic.

Roof Qube grow tents are designed to maximise space in this environment, by including an adjustable angled roof. They come in all different sizes, and the adjustability ensures they can fit in almost any space.

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