Tool Tracking Software Programs You Should Consider for Your Business

Tool tracking software programs normally save business owners millions every year. At the top of the list of the best tools are TrackAbout tool tracking software programs. Being professionals in this field, TrackAbout has a deeply informed understanding of how the best tool tracking programs ought to function.

Every contractor has valuable equipment which they have assigned to various employees and sites. Most of the equipment is either consumables, simple tools or fixed assets. Every business owner should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What is the value of lost tools every year?
  • Do they have any duplicate tools? If any, how many?
  • How can a tool tracking solution help them save money?

With these questions, every business owner should understand the need for a tool tracking software. This article highlights the top three tool tracking software.


This tool tracking software, helps you to hold your employees and subcontractors accountable for every tool and equipment they use, and this can significantly reduce the chances of losing these tools. GigaTrak uses simple barcode scanning system to track everything.

The software also enables you to schedule maintenance, track repairs, calculate the depreciation rate and even keep the usage data. You can also manage rental tools as well as consumable tools. The best of all is that you can also locate any tool and give employees the reports they owe you.

ToolWatch Enterprise

This is a next-gen application which is only delivered through an on-demand model. Clients can download a small smart client app to their local PCs, and then access the tool over the internet. Whenever updates and improvements are made to the tool, the local smart client automatically downloads and installs these updates.

Asset Track

This tool tracking software program helps you to conduct an audit on all your tools using a portable tablet and also update information as receive it. The tool also helps you to generate a report for any missing or moved item.

The interesting feature of the tool is that you can print asset tags using barcodes or RFID and then use a barcode or RFID reader to track your tools from either a PC or Windows Pro tablet. With asset track, you can generate email or reports of checked out, missing or misplaced tools.

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