What are break and fix services

Break and fix service is a fee-based method of providing IT services to companies and businesses.  The service provided can include installation, upgrades, and repairs of systems, components, software or other equipment, as well as virus removal, spyware removal, operating system repair, or hardware replacement. As the name implies, these types of services are provided when a customer contacts the IT services company if the repair or an upgrade for their systems is needed.  Just like you call a plumber when your pipe bursts, or a repairman when your TV breaks, you call a break and fix service after the IT issue has already happened.

Break and fix vs managed IT services

Break and fix services are not the same as managed IT services, since managed IT services monitor and manage customers’ systems, while break and fix services resolve their customers’ issues only when they are called. Managed IT services are also more proactively oriented than break and fix services, which are mainly focused on a reactive rather than preventive approach.

Even though break and fix services lack the preventive factor that managed IT services have, this type of service is a great solution for home or small businesses.

How it works

So how does the break and fix service model work? First, your business or home office experiences or suspects an IT problem. The next step is to report the issue to the service provider, who in turn dispatches a certified technician who either works on your problem remotely or goes to the location of your office to work on the issue. After the technician diagnoses the cause of the problem and hopefully resolves it, you are billed for the work performed and you can continue with your business as usual.

Benefits of break and fix services

The biggest advantages of break and fix services are low costs and no subscription fees because the contractor bills you only for the work done –  so your business can just make a call or send an e-mail, and have the problem repaired in short time and at a reasonable cost. Another advantage is flexibility – you pay as you go and you are not locked in any contracted service which you may end paying for, but not using. In break and fix, you get what you paid for, and you pay for what you need.

Who needs break and fix services

As computer experts at Morgan Systems explain, break and fix services model is ideal for businesses that rarely face IT issues, and have a budget that can handle unexpectable and possibly unpredictable costs associated with unexpected IT issues. If you have a dedicated and educated IT department that can handle most of the minor IT problems by themselves- that’s great, but when a bigger problem arises, you will need to call a certified company that offers break and fix services.

However, if you are an owner of a larger business and a larger network and a contracted commitment does not present a problem to you or just want to take a preventive approach, you should consider a managed service plan rather than break and fix.

Final note

Most of the companies that offer break and fix services offer managed IT services as well, so you can choose the model that best suits your business’ needs. It’s never good when your IT systems break or need urgent maintenance, but if you have a reliable provider of break and fix services, you have nothing to worry about – your problems will be addressed and repaired as soon as possible, and your systems will be up and running in no time.


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